Craig has taken one of life's greatest blows - the total loss of sight - and turned it into a tower of inspiration that he shares all over the world. Whether it's speaking at corporate meetings, schools, the Republican National Convention, or privately with Presidents and Popes, his message inspires and motivates.

Craig visited Fox59 in Indianapolis to discuss his book.

President Bush and I became so close that in 1985 he and his wife Barbara actually “crashed” my poolside 23rd birthday party at the Houstonian Club and he stayed long enough that we were able to share a piece of birthday cake together. No doubt one of the most unique memories of any president anyone can share.
— Excerpt from book

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To appreciate this book, you need to understand that Craig MacFarlane is totally blind. The victim of a horrible tragedy at the age of two that cost him his eyesight, Craig has forged an awesome life. He took the lessons he learned from his experience and applied them in the most dramatic ways. The result has been an impressive thirty-year, post-athletic career, as an internationally renowned keynote inspirational speaker and business advocate. Treating his total loss of eyesight as nothing more than a minor inconvenience, Craig has demonstrated what can be achieved through persistence and perseverance, with focus, desire, and discipline. He will entertain you, he will engage you, and he will challenge you. He will give you the tools you need to overcome any obstacles you perceive to be in your way. Most of all, he will inspire you to raise the bar in your own life to make success reality, on your own terms.

The stories in this book will enthrall you.  They will grip you.  They will entertain you.   They will tug at your heartstrings and make you laugh while holding you on the edge of your seat.  They might even make you shed a tear before you stand up and applaud.  Even more, these stories will test you.  The stories are real, they are dramatic, they are genuine.  The lessons they teach are powerful, significant and potentially life changing, for those who take them seriously.  Prepare to be inspired and challenged in ways that will open your eyes like you've never experienced before. This remarkable man's incredible life story will make you believe anything is possible.  Simply put, this is an absolute must read.