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Often referred to as the World's Most Celebrated Totally Blind Athlete, Craig MacFarlane has led an incredible life. His list of athletic accomplishments is lengthy, if not impressive. He has won more than 100 gold medals, the majority against sighted competition. He has won multiple national championships in two countries. He has represented two countries internationally, and won on the world stage too. He has set records, and then exceeded them. He has even performed as a professional athlete, being the only totally blind person to ever achieve such success.  

More amazing, this extraordinary athletic success is little more than the backdrop to an even more astonishing story. This modest yet motivated man, in a classic example of Triumph over Tragedy, has built a remarkable family life and impressive business career, on what most consider an enviable scale. He took the lessons he learned from his experience and applied them in the most dramatic ways. The result has been an impressive 30 year, post athletic career, as an internationally renowned Keynote Inspirational Speaker and business advocate.

Treating his total loss of eyesight as nothing more than a minor inconvenience, Craig has demonstrated what can be achieved through persistence and perseverance, with focus, desire and discipline. He will entertain you, he will engage you and he will challenge you. He will give you the tools you need to overcome any obstacles you perceive to be in your way. Most of all, he will inspire you to raise the bar in your own life to make success reality, on your own terms.