Another Reader Review

From Facebook via Terry Ableson

Well friends, I am reading Craig's new book for the second time, and am as inspired this time as I was the first time. I first met Craig in high school and we reconnected in the early 1990s when our sons became friends  Our families have spent many hours on hockey road trips and in arenas over the years, and I have often taken Craig's "abilities" for granted.

Reading this book again, has reminded me of so many good times; waiting for him at the end of his very long driveway back of Desbarats, and never thinking twice of how he made his way down the snow-filled drive by himself (or even considering going up to help him); asking him to tie Nate's skates day after day, and laughing when Nathan would shake his head yes when Craig asked if they were tight enough, and hearing Craig say "you trying to confuse the Blind guy again Nathan?" Craig has always been able to do everything and more than most people I know!

I have also been fortunate to hear Craig share his story at numerous events and have booked him myself for our provincial association (Ontario Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators), and as the keynote speaker at our Sault College Convocation among others. Each time I listen to Craig speak, I am reminded that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they put their minds to it!

Craig's story of challenges, triumph, inspiration and success continue to inspire me . Each time I read one of his books, or listen to his story at an event, or just spend a few moments catching up, I am reminded of his integrity, persistence, enthusiasm, courage and passion.