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The book has been receiving wonderful reviews but this message I received from my friend Lauren LaMantia is particularly touching.

"My boyfriend and I are in the middle of reading your book before I pass it along to my daddy Angelo! We love it so far!!! When you're closer to chicago we'd love to meet!!! My boyfriend recently has had some huge life changes and challenges... I informally introduced you! You've been an inspiration in our home these last few weeks - THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO and PROVING anything is possible"

Thanks Lauren

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Amazing. Totally Amazing, March 9, 2014


Karen Putz/ @DeafMom

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This review is from: Craig MacFarlane Hasn't Heard of You Either! (Kindle Edition)

Yup, I had never heard of Craig MacFarlane until somehow our paths crossed on Facebook and we connected. Craig is totally blind. He doesn't see shadows. He doesn't see colors. Nothing. Nada. Yet, he's lead such an incredibly fulfilling, exciting life and he chronicles his adventures in his book, "Craig MacFarlane Hasn't Heard of You Either!" Despite the never-ending list of famous people he's had in his life, the reader comes away with the feeling of sitting across from Craig and having a laugh with this totally down-to-earth guy. It's easy to see why past-presidents, movie stars, musicians, and athletes are all drawn to Craig--he's a guy who has had his fair share of challenges but he approaches life with a simple can-do attitude and he shares his lessons and wisdom in the pages of his book.

You probably haven't heard of Craig MacFarlane, but you will want to meet him once you turn the last page in his book.