This is why I still speak at high schools

This is why I still speak at high schools.  On April 8th I spoke at Lewis Cass Secondary School and later that evening received this wonderful message  from a new friend on Facebook, Aubrey Kay Turner

Messages like this make it all worthwhile.

This guy, Craig MacFarlane, gave to school today and gave a wonderful inspirational speech. He has accomplished a lot in life. He showed the true meaning of never giving up. He also showed us that you can do anything you put your mind to. He has been blind since the age of two due to an accident, but he has accomplished so much even with his disability. He never let it get in the way. He has won a ton of awards and medals. He has met and became friends with many famous people like Steven Tyler, both Bush presidents, and Mario Andretti. He wrestled and ski's. He has a beautiful family. He is an amazing man filled with talent, inspiration, and determination. He taught us that if we put our mind to something do it and don't give up. He also taught is that we should make our own decisions. Dont do something else because they want us too. Do what makes you happy. I wish I could have heard him speak more about it. He is was very inspirational.  thanks to him.