I wanted to make it $1.99, but Amazon wouldn't let me go that low. Here's why I did it.

They keep telling me I can't...

It seems that throughout my life they have always been telling me I can't.  I can't go to a normal school, I can't ride bikes or horses or climb trees or set traps or bale hay or bake pies or play hockey or snow ski or water ski jump or travel on my own or be lead singer in a rock band or rescue a handicapped person from a burning building.  They told me I couldn't, but I did!  Sure, I wasn't always world class, didn't always win the gold medal, but I could always try, and usually did more than "they" thought I could, even when my results were marginal at best.

They also told me that to be a successful, independent, totally blind, inspirational keynote speaker I should write a book, if I could.  I could, and I did.  Then they told me that if my book was going to help my speaking career I needed hundreds, if not a thousand reviews on Amazon but that I probably couldn't do it.  Well, when someone tells me I can't, I feel it is my responsibility to show them that I can, because if I can, you can, and that has always been what I want all of you to know.  You can!

To succeed in this quest, I need your help. I have the book as affordable as possible so that I can sincerely ask you to considering writing a review for me.  It doesn't have to be about the whole book but if you can review a chapter, or a picture, or a caption, or even just a title you'll be making a difference.  One word, one line, one paragraph... any contribution at all will help me help more people and that's the goal.

Speaking of more people, please be sure to like and share this post.  Maybe my $3 book can help someone in your network, and that would be awesome.

btw, here's the link, http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=B017AUT2OM



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