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Hardback: 352 pages
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Published Date: December 16, 2013
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1480803718
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Craig MacFarlane is an inspiration to me. When I am feeling low I just think of Craig and how he battles and keeps going.  I guarantee you will also be inspired by Craig’s book.
— Don Cherry, Host, Hockey Night in Canada

In the pages of this book Craig MacFarlane tells a remarkable story and shares the incredible lessons his experience taught him. Craig takes the amazing story of his success and uses it as a backdrop to demonstrate the framework that has led to a successful, enviable life.

To appreciate this book, you need to understand that Craig MacFarlane is totally blind. The victim of a horrible tragedy at the age of two that cost him his eyesight, Craig has forged an awesome life. Treating his total loss of eyesight as nothing more than a minor inconvenience, Craig proceeded to become the World’s Most Celebrated Totally Blind Athlete, using his athletic opportunities as the vehicle to establish himself in the “sighted” world and as the launching pad for an impressive 30 year career in the world  of business.

Clifford wasted no time and the three of us took off for the nearest hospital, in Sault Ste. Marie, about thirty-two miles to the west of Desbarats.  Mom says I didn't cry much on that ride, I just kind of whimpered as I lay in her arms as she held a cloth over my eye.  Even at that point Mom tells me that she had a sense, deep down inside, that this was serious, very serious.
At Plummer Memorial Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie (we actually call it the Soo, everyone does), our family doctor examined my eye but said not much could be done at that facility.  The ophthalmologist on staff at that hospital, the only eye specialist in the Soo as a matter of fact, was away at a medical convention and wouldn't be back for a couple days.  When we look back now, we have come to regret just how unfortunate this bad timing turned out to be.
The best they were able to do that night was sedate me, and put some drops in my eye, maybe to numb it, we don't know.  I am, when I hear mom tell this story, glad I have no memories of it, because it must have been horrible. I know it was for her.  They put me in a crib, and after giving me the medicine, they tied my hands to my sides so I would not be grabbing at or rubbing my eye.  That must have been a torturous night, for both of us.

- pg 53, From Darkness Chapter

In his trademark modest and self-effacing style, Craig has written an autobiography that isn’t so much about him as it is about you. The stories of Craig’s accomplishments, which include winning more than 100 gold medals (the majority against sighted competition) to winning multiple National Championships in both Canada and the United States, to representing Canada and the United States and winning on the World stage, to winning the U.S. National Blind Snow Skiing Championship to Water Ski Jumping at Cypress Gardens to shooting 91 in golf, only serve as the backdrop for a greater message as Craig shares the lessons he learned and how he applied them.

Those lessons, those principles, became the foundation that led to his noteworthy career as an internationally renowned Keynote Inspirational Speaker. From the big stage of the Republican National Convention to innumerable international Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 business conferences and conventions to almost 3,000 high schools on three continents, Craig has demonstrated the principles he will challenge you to incorporate into your life.

Success, of course, is a highly personal thing and to Craig that also includes being the best husband, father and friend he can be. You will quickly realize that the same principles and lessons that lead to business success also lead to a great life and Craig’s world personifies this message every day.

All this was intense, as I'm sure you can imagine, but try to imagine this!  I'm standing there, fifteen minutes before Showtime and how do you think they have my speech prepared for me?  In the worst possible way.  It was on the teleprompter!
I laughed out loud and so did everyone else.  Maybe they were hoping I'd regain my sight on prime-time television.  That would have made the headlines!
Fortunately, I had a slate and stylus in my bag.  I roughed out a few notes on some Braille paper.  It was truly an ironic moment.  I was giving a speech about the administration's concern for the needs of the handicapped.  Meanwhile, the blind guy's speech is on a teleprompter.
The laugh helped relax me.  Next thing I knew, I was delivering my old familiar words to a jam-packed Dallas Reunion Arena crowd of 18,000 plus and to millions on television and radio.   The reverberation of my voice and the sheer magnitude of this venue was awe-inspiring.  I had officially arrived on the Big Stage.
The highlight of the evening for me came after the speech.  After I finished my comments to a wonderful ovation (of course, everybody gets one on that stage,) I was warmly greeted, and congratulated, backstage by none other than the Gipper himself, President Ronald Reagan. With his arm around my shoulder, he and Vice President Bush both shook my hand and, with big smiles in their voices, thanked me for being part of the evening.  That was a rush!

- pg 230, The Big Stage Chapter

The stories in this book will enthrall you. They will grip you.  They will entertain you. They will tug at your heartstrings and make you laugh while holding you on the edge of your seat. Even more, they will test you. The stories are real, they are dramatic, they are genuine. The lessons they teach are powerful, significant and potentially life changing, for those who take them seriously.

Prepare to be entertained and enlightened as you enjoy this awesome experience. You are about to see the principles of success in a whole new light. You will find yourself inspired to raise the bar in your life and do more with the opportunities in front of you with greater appreciation of what you already have.

Don’t study this book, enjoy it. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Craig’s message and he will truly elevate your senses, taking you from having eyesight to having vision. Ultimately, Craig’s message will teach you how to benefit from the profound wisdom that comes from true self awareness,  or as he calls, Inner Vision.