Craig MacFarlane has the unique ability to inspire all audiences. From local business associations to amateur sports teams to professional sports teams to regional and national conferences of all types to multimillion viewer television audiences to Executive Boardrooms to high school assemblies to virtually every individual he has ever met. Craig MacFarlane brings a powerful, life changing message that connects on all levels.

It has been said that Craig simply moves from standing ovation to standing ovation. Along the way he might make you cry and he will always make you laugh. He will certainly make you think. Without a doubt, before he’s done, he will definitely challenge you.

Zurich, 2013

Zurich, 2013

Craig’s stories, starting with the tragic tale of the accident that left him totally blind at the age of two, will pull at your heart strings while boosting your adrenaline as he holds you on the edge of your seat. You’ll hear about failures and successes from a most exceptional perspective. You’ll marvel in disbelief at how much can be accomplished in the face of such a devastating injury. You’ll be humbled as you come to realize that this man made his dream of a successful life in the normal world a reality, while reducing total blindness to just a minor inconvenience.

You will come to see the principles of success in a whole new light as Craig illuminates the lessons of he learned and how he applied them in the most effective and practical ways to reach his goals time after time.

Ultimately, Craig’s message is always about you. You will be brought face to face with your own “Inner Vision.” The simple power of Craig’s stories will leave you searching for a greater understanding of yourself. You will realize, guided by the principles that Craig shares with crystal clarity, that you have no excuses for not raising the bar in your life to whatever level you aspire.

At the end of your time with Craig you will be filled with a desire to take charge and take action. You will be powered by the confidence that you can overcome any “minor inconvenience”, no matter how huge, and live a happy, successful life on your terms.


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Unequivocally, Craig is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I have hired him dozens of times and without exception, his speech ends with a heartfelt and enthusiastic standing ovation. This is due to Craig’s ability to remove the blindness that we may have as we attempt to understand certain issues of our life. With humor and humility, Craig provides a remarkable inner vision that makes him memorable and so much more than a motivational speaker.
— Salvatore Capizzi, Executive Vice President/CSMO, Dunham & Associates
Craig is astounding! Craig was the opening keynote at our national conference and everyone loved him. He was funny, engaging, and provided an uplifting message that was the perfect kickoff to our show. He was also fantastic to work with. I can’t recommend Craig highly enough – he’s just the speaker every conference needs to set the tone for a great event!
— Tom Erb, National Conference Speaker Chair, National Association of Personnel Services